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Spring Break Is Not For Your Teeth!

spring-break-green-beach-sunglasses-photo Sunshine, warmer weather, greener grass, and setting our clocks forward an hour can only mean one thing here in Central Indiana:  it’s Spring Break Time! Sounds great, right?  Let’s just not confuse a much-needed vacation for our bodies and minds with a vacation for our teeth. Simply stated, your vacation is not the time to neglect your teeth. Your overall oral health shouldn’t take a break!

That being said, we’d like to offer up a few spring break dental care tips you should know and consider while on vacation.

  1. Drink plenty of water. Besides the obvious benefits of hydration, drinking water throughout the day will reduce the buildup of plaque on your teeth.
  1. Avoid sugary drinks. High sugar drinks such as soda erode the enamel on your teeth.
  1. Pack your oral health essentials with you. Bring healthy snacks (such as apples) that act as a cleanser for your teeth. Carry travel-size toothbrushes and mouthwash for road trips.

Whatever your plans are this spring break, remember to keep up with your dental care. Spring break can be a great time of relaxation and rejuvenation, but it’s not the time to give your teeth a break! If you would like to schedule an appointment before your break, give us a call.

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5 STARS! ! Not only is Dr. Mills very professional and an excellent dentist,but his staff is right up there along with him in professionalism and concern for each individual patient. You could not ask for a more caring staff headed by a well-qualified dentist who is excellent when an anxious patient has to undergo oral surgery by having 8 or more teeth extracted in preparation for dentures. I cannot thank my married daughtger enough for telling my husband and I about Dr. Mills and his wonderful staff! Rating: ***** 5 STARS!!!!!
- Barbara N.

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